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The TravelScoot is by far the world’s lightest strongest and most compact electric mobility scooter. It’s the ideal scooter for everyone whose feet are not playing along but  are otherwise still in a fairly good shape…Read more >


You will always encounter obstacles such as missing handicap ramps or out-of-order elevators. The TravelScoot’s light weight and superior strength allows you to overcome these obstacles with ease. The TravelScoot weighs 13.60 kgs  without battery. Remove the seat and seat back, and it weighs less than 11 kgs. See how TravelScoot has helped Kiwis by clicking here

Easy and Simple

Set-up and break-down takes less than a minute. It fits where no mobility scooter has ever fit before! Seat and battery removal takes just a few seconds. A few more, and the frame is done, too.

Karangahape Gorge Trails

See the New Zealand Owner of the Travel Scoot business take the Travel Scoot to Karangahape Gorge on the track.

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“SUCCESS! Just took it for a test ride.

Quite an amazing scooter for sure.

Mum is going to be thrilled when she sees it – I plan on giving it to her in May – Mothers Day present.

That is if I can wait that long. There is no doubt in my mind that this is going to GREATLY enhance life for her.

I have a list of things we will be able to do again that we could not with the manual wheelchair.

THANK YOU!!!!! ”

– Kathleen McVeigh